Feminist Therapist Specializing in 
Comprehensive mental health services
helping you grow in love with yourself and your people.
Specializing in trauma, anxiety, self-esteem & communication
for couples & individuals with a feminist, anti-racist,
gender & sexuality affirming lens.


My mission is simple: to help you grow in love with yourself and your people. I am a feminist, anti-racist, gender & sexuality affirming therapist providing mental health services for all. All sessions are currently being held via teletherapy. For every trauma session I do with a healthcare worker, I will be doing a pro-bono session for unemployed/underemployed community members. #WereInThisTogether


Whether you're a new couple beginning your journey together, an individual seeking to strengthen your relationship with yourself, or a caregiver or business owner struggling with burnout, my goal is to support your empowerment through honest, creative and open conversation that encourages your strengths as an individual to help you create a life & a family well rooted in love and equality.

If you are an existing client and would like to book a session, or a new client and would like to book a phone consultation, please visit:


Empowering you to love yourself & your people. Change starts from within.


Dear global neighbor,

Thank you for visiting our site! You are probably here because you are getting married, having a baby (congratulations!) or because you are struggling in an important relationship (and yes, your relationship with yourself counts!). Either way, it is important that you find someone who is a good fit for you, which is why I am taking the time here to tell you about who I am and what I offer.

A successful partnership requires work. The Rooted Vow is here to make sure that your relationship will not be one of the 50% that fail. Couple's who do premarital counseling together have marriages that stay together at a rate of 80%, and couples who do prenatal counseling, are many times less likely to experience the decline in marital satisfaction and eventually divorce that so often follows starting a family. Considering the current rate of divorce, that's pretty telling! A partnership can be challenged by daily life, personal histories, past traumas, power dynamics and other outside forces. Staying grounded with deep roots to grow your relationship strong for the years before you can be daunting, but thankfully you don't have to do it alone.

I am aware of the power differences associated with gender race, and age, and as a feminist therapist, take these into account as I work with you to build your common roots. You will learn conflict management and communication skills which will help you look at possible trauma history or shame triggers in a supportive environment that will strengthen your communication to help you grow the strongest relationship you can. My premarital and prenatal programs are deep, comprehensive, and will give you the skills needed to make the roots of your marriage well grounded, forever. 


In addition to providing an array of therapy services, I work closely with my business partner to create and officiate wedding ceremonies. As a storyteller and listener of stories, I bear witness to the beautiful struggle that every love is and will be as we work with you in your relationship to craft your ceremony. Your wedding is the first day of your forever, together. For your relationship to be deeply rooted means more than to have a strong foundation. Like the foundation of a house, the roots of a tree are strong, immovable, and deep. Unlike a house's foundation however, the roots of a tree are also flexible, growing and changing, twisting around the rocks in its path to strengthen it as it digs deeper year after year. To be deeply rooted is to be strong an united in your singular mission: to uphold your vows.

Your marriage is just one of many transitions you will experience, and I am here to support you and your relationships through each transition the years bring, whether that be into parenthood, struggles with infertility, perinatal and postpartum depression, struggling to parent effectively, or through traumas you experience along the way.  I also specialize in premarital counseling for second marriages, same-sex couples, and poly relationships as well as therapy for individuals seeking to enhance their relationship with themselves, reflective therapy for fellow care givers and skill building for business owners/partners. If individual therapy sounds daunting, I also offer a variety of classes and workshops where you will have the opportunity to process, learn new skills, and begin creating a community to support you through whatever transition you are currently in the midst of.

I sincerely hope I have the honor and pleasure of working with you as you navigate this next stage of your life! 



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