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I am a lover of love. Helping you learn to see how fucking amazing you are and empowering your relationship to reach its fullest potential, is my life's calling.

In our work together, we will address power dynamics, the ways you've internalized your own worth, and together we will clear out trauma that's making your life extra challenging!


I'm a giant  love and self-esteem nerd, so you can expect me to bring up experts like Brene Brown, John & Julie Gottman & Terry Real with a bit of a star-struck twinkle in my eye. Helping you become your best version of yourself brings my life joy. How else is the world going to change, unless each of us does this deep, intentional and difficult work? 


Besides being a lover of love, I spend every moment I can with my own two spirited kiddos and husky pup. I am a creative spirit with a wanderlust that acts up on a regular basis, and can often be found planning the next road trip. My partner and I are high school sweethearts who worked together for a decade, including running a successful food truck business. Despite having a personal chef at my beck-and-call, I could secretly live on Kraft mac n'cheese & coffee if it were an option.


I used to think I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, but when I listened to my heart, it led me here.

A Feminist Therapist

Being a feminist therapist does not mean I don't see men or that I don't hold women accountable in hetero couples sessions. My feminist lens means I am mindful of the ways power influences relationships. Societal expectations, gender roles, racial differences, and our family of origin all play vital roles in determining how we manage conflict, how much worth we give ourselves, whether we communicate assertively or not, and how we make decisions in our relationships. It also makes me aware of my own privilege in the therapy room, and how that impacts the dynamic between therapist and client. Feminist therapy makes my approach dynamic because in the case of therapy, one size does not fit all. 

Qualifications & Research

I graduated with honors in Philosophy and Family Studies, preparing me to ask and think critically about the big questions in life and family. I graduated with my Masters from Adler Graduate School when I finally decided to listen to my heart. I used to think I would become a lawyer, or perhaps a dolphin trainer, but when it comes down to it, I just really love love.

I hold a masters and LAMFT, am Prepare/Enrich certified, have my maternal mental health certificate, am a Gottman Seven Principles Leader and Bringing Baby Home Educator, hold a certificate in Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy, and have a background in eating disorders. I am not only passionate about love, but am qualified to work with you on strengthening your relationship with yourself & your people.

I am continually seeking classes and the latest research to ensure that my approach is based in the latest research, and to continually improve myself as a therapist so I can be the best version of myself for the folx I serve. I am currently completing a course to become a certified grief counselor, am nearly finished with my certification to become an Emotionally Focused Therapist, am training to better serve LBGTQIA+ populations, and am looking forward to starting my journey to become a Terry Real Relational Life Therapist. 

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