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Trump Trauma Feminist Support Group for Therapists and Social Workers

Between the comments of our president, the Kavanough nomination, working with the women whose sexual trauma and feelings of worthlessness were triggered by the political atmosphere, and then living our own lives in a patriarchal world, female care-workers have found ourselves in a unique and entirely exhausting situation. This group will meet monthly (or more often if needed) in NE Mpls. Led by feminist therapist Linnea Logas, we will process our needs and connect with other healers while creating a craft. In a profession where so much is intangible, healing is sometimes found in the creation of something beautiful and entirely tangible. Limited to 12 women per group.



Secondary Birth Trauma Support Group

This group is for birth workers. Secondary trauma is such a real experience. Sometimes the things we see, the disregard for women's needs or wants, and the injustice of a system that doesn't adequately serve women and especially black & brown, disabled, and low-income women, leaves us feeling raw, powerless, and slightly broken feeling ourselves. This is a process group led by feminist therapist Linnea Logas and maternal mental health therapist Katie Heaton designed to support your own healing so you can continue doing the important work you do. Group meets once a month (but will meet more often if needed) in NE Mpls. Limited to 12 women per group. 




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